Washington D.C. Monuments by Moonlight

A few months ago at the end of May, around Memorial day weekend, I traveled to the Washington D.C. area on the east coast of the United States. Memorial Day, a holiday in America, marks the unofficial start of summer when most Americans are enjoying the sun and throwing BBQ parties in backyards, at the lakes, or around beaches throughout the country. But this year, I did no such thing. Instead I did what the holiday intended. I used the holiday weekend to reflect and remember America’s fallen (military) heroes. In fact, I actually took part in an annual seminar for military survivors – those that have lost a loved one who served in the U.S. military. This seminar fittingly happens every year during Memorial Day weekend, the holiday Americans are supposed to commemorate the men and women of the military who have died for their country. And I have come to realize while participating in all the festivities, that this holiday is one of the best time of the year to visit America’s capital. During this time, it gets very lively with a lot of events and people all over the city. There is no better place in the … Click to Read & View Photos

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U.S. Open at Chamber’s Bay

At the beginning of summer, Michelle Wie broke through her own setbacks as she finally won a major professional golf championship by taking the U.S. Women’s Open at Pinehurst, North Carolina. Meanwhile, Chambers Bay Golf Course, on the other side of the United States, at University Place, Washington prepares for their turn to host this prestigious golf tournament in 2015. And it is clear during my visit that they are preparing for their time to shine. Chambers Bay is distinctive public golf course owned and operated by Pierce County in Washington state. It is flanked by the waters of the Puget Sound on one end and a large public park on another end. It also has a winding public trail throughout the course, with views of the nearby Fox and McNeil islands visible from any point. The golf course is about a forty-five minute drive from the Seattle metro area. But University Place is also able to support visitors with accommodations and dining options. Tacoma, the closest big city, is just a mere fifteen minutes away. Most first impressions of this golf course is that it’s brown. Though I believe this color scheme is what makes the course more attractive. … Click to Read & View Photos

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Papailoa Beach Sea Turtles

O’ahu’s north shore has been blessed and plagued by popularity. Blessed because it’s such a beautiful area that it attracts so many people. Plagued because of this attractions, that its once country vibe is now a bit more touristic. After all, it has been the setting to many movies, television shows, and world-class surfing. But between all the attractions still sits a few secluded places to feel free of civilization. One of these spots is Papa’iloa beach. A place I frequent for deep contemplation. And I get to share the space with the wild Hawaiian sea turtles who call this stretch of beach home. Lucky me! This beach was the site of many scenes on the Lost television series. Actually, the series initially shot scenes at a different beach on the north shore. But people started noticing the production from the road and over time, that beach became over crowded. So the production moved here to Papa’iloa where the beach is mostly secluded and it’s not visible from the road. The good news is that production team built a sand paved parking lot right across the street from the public pathway to the beach. It is still there now and … Click to Read & View Photos

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