This blog, while being a hobby that I find fun and makes me a little bit of income, is still a true labor of love! It does not make enough money alone to provide for my livelihood, but it does help to fund my travels. With that said, please know that any income gained on this blog will allow me to continue to explore new destinations so that I can photograph and write about them here.

I understand this needs to be a mutually beneficial agreement. So below, I’ve listed Colorful Footsteps’ truthful stats/metrics in full disclosure, to see if advertising on this Website would be beneficial to your company. Please note, there is no standard metrics currently being used to measure a Website’s performance. To assure the most accurate data is obtained, the two most highly reputable metric systems – Alexa and Google Analytics – were used to compute the data below.

These Stats Were Gathered and Averaged From the Following Dates:
October 21 – November 3, 2013 (14 days)

Stats Were Derived from the Following Metric Systems:
1) Google Analytics
2) Alexa

Alexa Ranking (global): near 155,000
Alexa Ranking (United States): near 38,000

Bounce Rate:
at a low 21% (Alexa)

Average DAILY Views:
345 clicks or 4,834 clicks for the date range (Google Analytics)

Average DAILY ORGANIC Views:
337 clicks or 4,714 clicks for the date range (Google Analytics)

Average Pageview Per VISITOR :
14 pages per day (Alexa)

Estimated Pageviews Per MONTH [(avg pageview per visitor) x (avg daily views) x (avg of 30 days per month)]: 144,900 Pageviews

Average Amount of Time on the Site:
19 minutes per day (Alexa)

Demographics of Visitors: (Google Analytics)
78% from the United States of America
19% from Combination of Other Countries
3% from Great Britain

Current Number of Followers (subscribers, Twitter, Stumble Upon, Google+, & Pinterest):
10,000 engaged and targeted people worldwide

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