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Dothan Hails the Peanut

Tweet The National Peanut Festival is a typical American fair held every year in Dothan, Alabama similar to countless number of others all over the United States. Or, is it? Dothan, Alabama is for me a town deeply rooted in nostalgia. This is the place where my parents and I stayed at when my brother Don, got his wings and became a U.S. Army Blackhawk helicopter pilot at nearby Fort Rucker. Back then we were all very proud of him, especially since he was almost the youngest in his class (someone beat him by a year and a half). It’s been years now since we first came to this town. And I can’t help but think that there is nothing left here except bitter memories that were once happy times. You see, a few years after my brother got his wings, he would be killed in Afghanistan. What was once our proud family is now left broken hearted. But luckily there something else this town has to offer. Every year it plays host to the National Peanut Festival. And it’s fitting because most peanuts in the United States are grown within a 100 mile (161 kilometer) radius of this town. … Click to Read & View Photos

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Solace at the Hawaii Lantern Festival

Tweet Memorial Day (the last Monday in May) is celebrated in the United States mostly with lots of friends and a willing bar-b-que grill. Meat is cooked all day, cold beer is always served, and a dessert made with fruit often makes an appearance. This is a day most Americans have a break from work and school to celebrate the unofficial start of the summer season. But to some few, including myself, we celebrate Memorial Day the way it was intended – honoring fallen military service members of the United States. This holiday for me will never again be just grilling meat and having fun outside. It is now a solemn holiday, where I take time, and lots of it, to remember America’s fallen heroes. Most especially, I take a moment to remember my brother (my only sibling), who died last year in Afghanistan while serving for the U.S. Army as a BlackHawk helicopter pilot. Just a few weeks after his death, around this time last year, my family and I were on an Alaskan cruise, hoping that the raw beauty and fresh air would take some of the sting away. This year, we stayed closer to home for the … Click to Read & View Photos

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“Skagit Valley Tulip Festival”

Tweet Once a year in the spring, rows of different colored tulips stick out amongst the brown and green surroundings.  Visiting these flowers are not always favorable, as the conditions are often rainy and the ground are sometimes muddy.  But photo gurus delight, as most  shot in every kind of light seem to turn out without fail. Experience the start of spring through these beautiful and colorful flowers. “Skagit Valley Tulip Festival”

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