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Canoeing the Everglades

Everglades Aligator

Tweet Muggy! It’s that feeling that propels you to want to die because it hurts to keep on living. The air is almost too thick to breathe. Your sweat is sweating. And mysterious bugs feast on your blood. All while the sun’s rays are beating so harshly on your skin that it feels like it’s piercing right through it. This is how the state of Florida feels most of the year. And even more so in its natural wetlands, which covers much of the southwestern part of the state. This is the the Everglades. It’s not an ideal environment for … Click to Read & View Photos

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Secluded at Spitting Caves

Spitting Caves

Tweet Hawai’i Kai is arguable the most affluent community on O’ahu, Hawai’i’s most populous and richest island. The craggy and lush Ko’olau mountains flank one side of this community, while the vast and blue Pacific ocean flank the other. Homes in this area of the island are typically in the million dollar (USD) range. But, despite being the home to the lucky 1% of the island’s residents, anyone on O’ahu can still take advantage of this area. This is because in between these beautiful mansions there are several access pathways to sandy beaches and lookout points. In Hawai’i all of … Click to Read & View Photos

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Alaska’s Polar Bears

Polar Bear in Alaska

Tweet Alaska’s polar bears are a slowly disappearing breed, sadly much like the rest of the world population. But there are still several thousand left roaming and living freely in the central to northern parts of the state, which boast one of the harshest environment in the country. Though, I have yet to see them wild. And this photo, while it does appear to be in the wild, is actually a taxidermy of this creature who once roamed freely in these lands. The polar bear’s contrasting ferociousness and beauty are remarkably captured for all eternity. This taxidermy was found in … Click to Read & View Photos

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Alaska’s Beluga Whales


Tweet In my visit to Anchorage earlier this year, I was introduced by my limo driver to a lookout spot and hiking area called, Beluga Point en route to the Alyeska Resort (as pictured above). During that time, the water was still very cold, even icy in some areas. For these reasons, there is almost no life here during this time. Belugas leave this area during the cold because inevitably they will get trapped in the ice and die. But now months later, the environment is different and the waters fill with life once again. Its largest and most noticeable … Click to Read & View Photos

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New Zealand’s Blue Penguin

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Tweet Travels Beyond the U.S.A. – New Zealand LOCATION: New Zealand’s climate and landscape provides an ideal home for these little creatures to thrive. Most colonies are found on sandy, rocky islands, around bases of cliffs or near sand dunes. Although their habitat is constantly endangered because of domesticated dogs and climate change. Luckily the natural environment is beating out the factors that make their habitat weak; at least for now. SUBJECT: The blue penguin is the world’s smallest penguin, standing in full size at roughly 1 foot (30 cm) tall. They are found naturally all around New Zealand’s coast … Click to Read & View Photos

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Flamingos at Laguna Colorada in Bolivia

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Tweet Travels Beyond the U.S.A. – Bolivia LOCATION: Laguna Colorada in Bolivia is basically a shallow salt lake in the southwest of the altiplano (highlands). SUBJECT: The flamingos living in this area are of the Puna Flamingo (or sometimes also called James Flamingo) breed. Most pink flamingos are actually born gray, getting their color from food source. For these flamingos, they get their color from algae which grow in the waters they feed on. Sadly these beautiful birds are in danger of extinction, much like the majestic sea turtles. The reason for this is that flamingos lay only one egg … Click to Read & View Photos

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On the Mediterranean Steps

Meditteranean Steps

Tweet I realize its been a while since I updated my travel Website. However, during my travels through Europe, I suffered a major technical difficulty. And, while I did try to resolve it, I was unsuccessful, even after trying in three different countries. So I gave up and decided to just travel and enjoy. Now I am back, free of technical difficulties and eager to re-live some of the happier moments of my summer in Europe. I begin with an unassuming trip to Gibraltar (a common wealth of the United Kingdom along the Mediterranean Sea). After spending weeks in rural … Click to Read & View Photos

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“Colorful Life at Cannon Beach”

Colorful Seastars 2

Tweet Cannon Beach is a picturesque beach community right on the beautiful coast of northwest Oregon. It is a scenic 90-minute drive west of Portland along winding open roads filled with tall evergreens, rolling hills, and vast spaces. Flanked by the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Oregon Coast Range on the other, Cannon Beach was once just a small artists’ community, but now it has blossomed in popularity for its quaint charm and coastal living. In fact, it is my favorite beach town on the United State’s west coast. So on a somewhat cold and mostly wet spring, … Click to Read & View Photos

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“Snowshoeing in Paradise”


Tweet I’ve never been fond of extremely cold temperatures, especially the snow and ice: its hard to drive on, conditions make it uncomfortable to breath, and worse of all the cold air dries my skin! I thought maybe I’d learn to like the snow and ice if I learned to ski or snowboard. Everyone always looks like they are having fun and I probably would as well. So I took one of those expensive lessons and attempted to learn. But after half a day of listening to a frustrated instructor along with numerous falls and bruises later, I still failed … Click to Read & View Photos

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“Playing with Endangered Sea Turtles”

Mexico, Campeche: Turtle baby.

Tweet Continuing my eco tour through Mexico, I find myself in the heart of Mazunte in the province of Oaxaca where I spent several days playing with it most famous inhabitants: the sea turtles. These once resilient animals are currently endanger of extinction. And the reason for this is in large part due to one of the most cunning and vicious predator: humans. But here, in Mazunte, they are thriving! There are eight species of sea turtles worldwide. The state of Oaxaca in Mexico has four of those species: the Olive Ridley, the Hawksbill, the Leather Back, and the Black … Click to Read & View Photos

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