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Canoeing the Everglades

Tweet Muggy! It’s that feeling that propels you to want to die because it hurts to keep on living. The air is almost too thick to breathe. Your sweat is sweating. And mysterious bugs feast on your blood. All while the sun’s rays are beating so harshly on your skin that it feels like it’s piercing right through it. This is how the state of Florida feels most of the year. And even more so in its natural wetlands, which covers much of the southwestern part of the state. This is the the Everglades. It’s not an ideal environment for those who aren’t used to it. But this environment spawns a perfect home for the many creatures who lurk behind its tall grass and live under its shallow waters. I came here initially hoping to find the famed wild alligators that call this place home. And I’m sure there are a lot of them here. I’ve seen their crocodile cousins in Mexico on a kayaking expedition, at a place that boasted a similar kind of environment. But while I did see a few alligators sneaking around in the water and hiding in the distance, I didn’t particularly take interest. Rather, … Click to Read & View Photos

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Secluded at Spitting Caves

Tweet Hawai’i Kai is one of the most affluent neighborhood on O’ahu, Hawai’i’s most populous and richest island. The craggy and lush Ko’olau mountains flank one side of this community, while the vast and blue Pacific ocean flank the other. Houses in this area are typically big. But, despite being the home to the lucky few of the island’s residents, anyone on O’ahu can still take advantage of this area. This is because in between these beautiful mansions there are several access pathways to sandy beaches and lookout points. In Hawai’i all of its coastline belongs to the public. Actually, they belongs to the state. But the public must have access. And these pathways were built to allow everyone a way towards the water. No one person or corporation may own any coastline within the state of Hawai’i. This is why the billionaire Larry Ellison, who owns most of the island of Lanai, owns only “most” of the island. He will never be able to own it all. But, I digress. One of my favorite places to go to within this wealthy community is spot called, Spitting Caves. Recently, on a hot but windy weekday, my family dog (mostly my … Click to Read & View Photos

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Alaska’s Beluga Whales

Tweet In my visit to Anchorage earlier this year, I was introduced by my limo driver to a lookout spot and hiking area called, Beluga Point en route to the Alyeska Resort (as pictured above). During that time, the water was still very cold, even icy in some areas. For these reasons, there is almost no life here during this time. Belugas leave this area during the cold because inevitably they will get trapped in the ice and die. But now months later, the environment is different and the waters fill with life once again. Its largest and most noticeable inhabitants in these warmer months are these playful creatures that are so fun to watch! Beluga whales are often called, “sea canaries” because they are extremely vocal animals, but perhaps another appropriate nickname would be “albino” due to their lack of color, which makes them easily spotted in the water. They turn this color (or lack of color) when they reach the age of five as they become sexually active, otherwise, they begin life in a shade of gray. In the winter they migrate, just as many other whales do, down to warmer waters. But in the summers they come … Click to Read & View Photos

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